Epen, the green heart of the hills of Limburg

Welcome to the green heart of the hills of South Limburg. The lovely nature, ancient castles, marlpits, pleasant outdoor cafés, impressive historic culture and archeology, cosy eating-houses, friendly people and the nature reserves Eifel and the Ardennen offer tons of possibilities for recreation.

Epen is a hospitable village with a population of about 1100, is situated near the fast-flowing Geul-river. The village is a true walkers paradise. And if you like change or want to go shopping, cities like Maastricht are only a half-hour away.
The typical cottages, the still surroundings and the green slopes add to a region with perfect opportunities for hikers and bikers. Experience the steam train in action, visit the largest labyrinth in Europe and the highest point in the Netherlands. Enjoy the possibility to go indoor-skiing in the summer, but also enjoy the grazing cows in the lovely nature. Epen offers limitless possibilities




Swimming pool Mosaqua Gulpen 6 km
Vrijthof or boat trip Maastricht 20 km
Go out near the Kaiserdom Aken 15 km
Funicular railway and toboggan run Valkenburg 15 km
Children’s town Heerlen 18 km
Market on Sunday morning Luik 40 km
Shopping for Christmas Keulen 125 km
Golfclub Henri Chapelle 14 km
Garden of the world Mondo Verde Landgraaf 22 km