Epen - Hotel Ons Epen


History, and there hasn’t changed much since then

The current Epen originated in the ‘Paulusbron’ and the ‘Pauluskerk’. In the year 1040, the first fortification (‘chateau à motte) was built. Evidence of this well is still visible on the grounds of the biggest farm in the Netherlands, the ‘Dorpfhof’ in Terziet-Epen.

In Epen, hundreds of springs contribute to the fertile grounds and grasslands. The farmers know that they have to care for mother nature to obtain their livestock. The landscape, formed in the Middle-Ages, features beautiful pathways and is ornamented by de Geul, the fastest-flowing river in the Netherlands. The old water mills along this river are now used as grain mills for the regional bakers.

From the second half of the 19th century onwards, the property of “Ons Epen” has been used as a catering establishment: a small town café. The major part of the building then functioned as a farm. In 1893 it is decided that a part of the former tavern will be set up as a guesthouse for tourists. ‘Herberg Sprooten’ is the precursor of ‘Ons Epen’.
The guests enjoy the exceptionally beautiful flora and fauna that has been the subject of many writers in that time. By numerous adjustments, the building has always offered that what guests were looking for. In the year 1954, the building was officially named ‘Ons Epen’. Nowadays, not only this name but also the beauty of the landscapes has been preserved and inhabitants, farmers and tourists all appreciate Epen for it.

We’d love to show you the way that Epen looked in the old days! Taking a walk on the ancient tracks, shows you memories of the old time. The many fossils that are found in Epen’s landscapes, add to these memories. Even though the landscapes have been cultivated in the course of time, you can still feel the spirit of the olden days, with the added details of the Middle Ages.