Check-in and check-out

On arrival, your hotel apartment will be available as of 14.00.
On departure, your hotel apartment should be vacant at 10.30.

Payment methods

Cash or credit card.

Breakfast buffet

In our buffet, you can begin your day with a luxurious breakfast. Breakfast is being served from 8.30 to 10.00.
Guests who booked LO+ (lodgings, breakfast and wellness) can make use of the buffet every morning. Guests who’ve booked an apartment only can notify the reception before 16.00 if they want to make use of the buffet that following day.
In Coronatime we serve breakfast from 08.20 to 09.10 and from 09.20 to 10.10.

Wireless internet / WIFI

Free wireless internet is possible in and around the entire hotel.

Wellness – Facilities

It is possible to reserve a private sauna, more info.
Bath robes, shower slippers, sauna sheets and towels are available.
The entire sauna facility is a no-clothing area.
For the guests who’ve booked LO+, the wellness area is inclusive.
Apartment guests can use this facility for payment.


Pets are not allowed.

Car park

The hotel has a private car park available. You can make use of this without additional costs. We are happy to store your bicycle.

Excursion tips

Various hike, bike and road maps are available at the reception.

Preference booking

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a certain room number, but we will do anything to make you stay comfortable. If you prefer a hotel apartment on the ground floor, please notify us.


Ons Epen does not feature a restaurant. But we can help you in finding the restaurant meeting your taste.